As a pet parent, sometimes you just need to bring your pet along in your car, say to the vet or anywhere else. But the thought of pet dander, scratches, and other damages associated with dogs may discourage you. That is when a dog car seat cover comes in handy.

Dog car seat covers are constructed with durable and waterproof materials to give your pet a comfortable surface while protecting your car seat. They come in multiple color options to allow you to choose one that best suits the interior of your car.

The following top 12 best dog car seat covers reviews will help you discover your best option. Read on !

Why Do You Need Dog Car Seat Covers ?

Dog car seat covers are designed to help you protect your car seat from damages that would occur if you left them uncovered. They offer protection from the door to the headrests. Also, they help reduce the chances of your dog slipping and getting injured because they have non-slip surfaces.

Furthermore, they are very durable to ensure you get several uses before they can wear out.

How to find the Best Dog Car Seat Cover ?

In addition to your budget, what else do you need to consider for you to get the best dog car seat cover? Let’s find out, shall we?


Dogs can be a little messy at times, and the protection you’ll get from a car seat cover will highly depend on its durability. For this, consider covers with waterproof materials, double stitched seams, and piping on the edges.


To get the most out of dog car seat covers, go for ones with universal fit. These ones will fit perfectly in most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Hence, will ensure you get maximum protection against pet dander, drool, scratches and hair.


A dog seat cover with accessories will ensure that you get other benefits aside from protecting your seat. Thus, consider covers that have stuff like storage pockets and zippers. They will help you store a few personal items and dog items.

Now that you know how to find the best car seat covers, proceed to our best picks and identify your best item.

#12. YoGi Prime Dog Car Seat Cover

The YoGi Prime Dog Car Seat Cover exhibits a thought-out design to create a comfortable spot for your dog while maintaining the luxury look of your car. It is padded to enable your dog to travel around comfortably, as it protects your car from general destructions such as fur, smell, and mud.

This seat cover is easy to install, as all you have to do is put in the straps over the headrests and tuck in the seat anchors.

Besides, it is easy to clean since it is machine washable.


  • Side flaps: Fully protects even when your dog jumps in and out of the car
  • Non-slippery rubber: Prevents your dog from sliding
  • Universal fit: Fits perfectly on most vehicles

#11. Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers

Enjoy your trips with Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers without the worries of scratches, water, hair or mud when you are traveling with your beloved pet. These seat covers will offer full protection of your car from the door to headrests and backseat.

They ensure the best protection and long-lasting use due to the durable and heavy-duty construction.

What’s more, these units are easy to assemble, disassemble, and machine washable for easy care.


  • Universal fit: Suits most cars and trucks
  • Seat anchors and Velcro openings: Offer maximum comfort and safety
  • Durable materials: Keeps the seat clean from hair and scratches
  • Headrest protectors and a seat belt: Ensures maximum security

#10. CarZonn Dog Seat Covers

Made from heavy-duty materials, CarZonn Dog Seat Covers will protect your car seat from scratches and dog messes. They install easily and quickly in any car, truck or SUVs. They have two seat anchors that will help keep pet car seat covers in place without sliding.

These seat covers are easy to clean; simply shake them off and brush or wipe them down. They are comfortable for small and large pets. Plus, they are safe to use on leather seats.


  • Eco-friendly material: It is odor free and anti-bacterial
  • 100% waterproof hammock: Prevents water damages on your seats
  • Metal Fasteners: Won’t crack or break, thereby, preventing injuries
  • Travel bag and ebook: They enhance convenience

#9. Doggie World Car Seat Cover

For high protection of your seats while traveling with your dog, consider the Doggie World Car Seat Cover. It will help preserve the condition and integrity of your upholstery and keep your dog comfortable and safe during a car ride. Besides, it is easy to install and will only take a few seconds.

Plus it firmly secures in place to prevent sliding around as the car moves. The car seat cover folds easily; hence, will not take up a lot of space when not in use. And it is easy to clean because it is machine washable.


  • Non-slip material: Eliminates the risk of your dog slipping over
  • Strong stitches: They provide high comfort and safety for your pet
  • Adjustable straps and anchors: Turn the cover into a standard size.

#8. URPOWER Pet Seat Cover for Dogs SC-016

This dog car seat cover is made with 2 pockets which will help you keep personal objects and pet items. And they won’t fall out because the pockets are buttoned up. This cover is easy to assemble with quick release clips. Simply fit the straps around your car’s headrests and insert the seat anchors.

This cover is designed to fit well in SUVs, cars, and trucks. It secures firmly to give you a comfortable and safe driving. And it cleans easy using a wet cloth or vacuum.


  • Non-slip material: Makes it safe for your pet even in rough rides
  • 4 sets of adjustable clips: They attach around the headrest to fix cover firmly
  • Water-resistant polyester: Protects your seats from liquids, dirt, and scratches

#7. Gorilla Grip Pet Car Seat

The Gorilla Grip Pet Car Seat is large enough to fit well in most cars and SUVs. It is easy to install with quick release clips. This cover is slip-resistant and durable to help protect your seats from scratches, messy pet hair, and drool. And it is very easy to care for; you can spot clean with a damp cloth or simply put in the machine.

Although it will not prevent your dog from jumping into the front seat, it is comfortable and will prevent your dog from sliding while jumping around.


  • Waterproof double layer design: protects your seats from mess
  • Storage pockets: Will help you store pet items
  • Reinforced zipper: Allows easy access to items

#6. URPOWER Pet Seat Cover SC-007

Available for most cars, trucks, and SUVs, the URPOWER Pet Seat Cover SC-007 is perfect for small, medium, and large dogs. It is easy to install with quick release clips. All you have to do is to fit the buckles around your car’s headrest and tuck in the seat anchor.

This cover is waterproof to keep away mud, hair and pet pee off your seat. Also, it is constructed with durability in mind; hence, it provides thick resistance against dogs’ nails and paws.


  • Slip-proof PVC bottom: Helps keep the cover in place
  • Velcro opening: Allows the seat belt to thread through
  • Seat anchor: Inserts into the crevice to fasten the cover

#5. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

The 4Knines Dog Seat Cover is tastefully designed and will blend seamlessly with the interior of your car. It is easy to maintain because the cover vacuums and wipes off easily. You can even hose it or put in the washing machine for more convenience. As a safety mechanism, this cover boasts silicone dots with superior tractions, so it does not move around when your dog is on the cover.

Better yet, this model comes in different sizes that will fit in most vehicles and suit dogs of different sizes.


  • Heavy-duty waterproof material: Ensures full protection of your car
  • Padded Design: To add an extra layer for comfort and protection
  • Adjustable headrest straps: Ensure quick and easy installation

#4. AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets

Measuring approximately 56 x 47 inches, the AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets is large enough to support small, medium and large dogs. The material is durable and waterproof to offer maximum protection of the seat from pees, far and mud. It secures over seats using 2 head loops anchors, and elastic straps to hold the cover in place.

Furthermore, it is as easy to set up as it is easy to clean. Let alone the fact that it will fit perfectly in most cars and SUVs.


  • 100% polyester construction: Offers a suave appearance
  • Seat anchors and elastic strap: Hold the cover in place
  • Storage pockets for tucking in some items
  • Straightforward instructions: Easy to read and understand

#3. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

The BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle. It measures 54 x58 inches to fit well in the backseat of standard cars, trucks, and SUVs. The bench section of the cover is 7 inches to provide extra coverage for the side of your seat cushions.

Ideally, this unit is easy to set up with easy-to-use accessories. Moreover, it cleans up easily in the machine using the gentle cycle.


  • Waterproof polyester: Offers comfort and protection of your seat
  • Color-fast design: To withstand extreme temperature
  • Built-in Velcro openings: They prevent the cover seat from sliding
  • Heavy-duty construction: Provides extra durability

#2. WINNER OUTFITTERS Dog Car Seat Cover

This dog car seat cover feels soft and comfortable to provide your dog with a smooth and gentle surface. It is waterproof to help prevent dander, hair, pee and other messes that can damage your car upholstery. This unit is easy to install with buckle straps, side flaps, and seat anchors.

In addition to being machine washable, this model is easy to clean by hands. It is a bit larger than seat covers in the same class, making it more effective at protecting your car seat.


  • Anti-slip design: Helps prevent the dog from sliding
  • Free seat belt and bag: They offer added convenience
  • 4-adjustable plastic buckle: Holds the cover in place

#1. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover (SC-015)

Designed with side flaps, the URPOWER Dog Seat Cover (SC-015) makes it easier for your dog to get in or out of the car. It is excellently sized to offer full protection of your car from scratches and dog-related messes. This cover is easy to set up with quick release clips.

And it has a non-slip surface to ensure your dog is comfortable and stays safe even when you apply the brake.

Similarly, the anchors will help keep the cover intact and prevent sliding around while the car is in motion.


  • Waterproof construction: Ensures maximum protection from messes
  • Universal fit: Makes it suitable for most cars and SUVs
  • Slip-proof PVC bottom: Helps hold the cover in place


Do not let the fear of pet messes prevent you from traveling to places with your pet. Instead, get the right dog seat covers to help you protect your car upholstery while keeping your dog safe too.

We believe the above reviews and guideline has all you need to know to make an informed dog car seat cover purchase.

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