Whether you intend to compete or simply want to have fun with your dog, dog exercise training equipment agility is the product to consider. The agility equipment kits are designed with several obstacles that will give you and your dog a variety of challenges to tackle each time. Most of them are affordable and are suitable for dogs of different ages and skill levels. And they are well-made to offer sturdy performances both indoors and outdoors.

Not to mention that they are portable; hence, you can travel with them.

The following top 12 best dog exercise training equipment agility kits will help you find one that suits you and your dog.

Now, you can proceed to our thoroughly researched reviews.

#12. Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Kit (34-pieces)

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Nurture the relationship between you and your dog using the Outward Hound Outdoor Agility Kit. Inspired by interactive fun, this agility kit has 34 pieces that will give your dog different challenges to boost his IQ. This kit provides an outlet for natural canine instincts while encouraging healthy exercises.

Besides, as you engage your dog in trying to overcome the various obstacles you get to exercise as well. And this kit will work well for indoor use too.


  • Set-up and training tips booklet for utmost convenience
  • Storage bag: Offers easy keeping and transportation
  • 6 weave poles and a tunnel: Provide a variety of obstacles
  • Lightweight design: Makes the kit easy to carry

#11. Aggie Trading Co AAA Dog Agility

Designed with freestanding bases, the Aggie Trading Co AAA is ideal for training dog agility indoors and outdoors. The heights are adjustable from 4 inches to 26 inches to provide your dog with various challenges. It is designed with versatility in mind; as such, this unit is ideal both for training and competition.

Furthermore, it boasts heavy-duty construction to give you a durable tool that will enable your dog to exercise frequently for several years.


  • Freestanding bases: Enables easy assembly and disassembly
  • 40 PVC construction: Ensures durability and longevity
  • 48-inch bar: Provides a wide space for your dog
  • Bar height increments: Offer a variety of obstacles

#10. Dog Agility Shop, LLC

Train your dog various agility skills using the Dog Agility Shop, LLC. This kit is easy to set up with ready to use poles and pole spacer. It is made of durable materials to provide several uses without wearing out.

All pieces of equipment are striped white and red for easy visibility. Meant for outdoor use, this kit has multiple obstacles ranging from bar jumps, an octagon, jump, and weave poles to offer a variety of challenges for your dog.


  • UV-resistant materials: Enhance durability for outdoor use
  • Adjustable bar jump: It is great for new and skilled dogs
  • 29-inch diameter octagon hoop: Suitable for any dog size

#9. Zoic Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility

For an active and entertaining way to interact with your pet, consider the Zoic Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility. This kit is lightweight; therefore, it is highly portable to take anywhere. Similarly, it comes with a bag for convenient carrying and easy storage of the equipment when not in use.

Designed for use as dog agility starter equipment, this model is simple for easy training of beginner dogs. Also, it is easy to set up and operate with snap-out buttons that slide easily upwards and downwards.


  • Heavy-duty plastics pikes: Hold the hoops steadily upright
  • Adjustable Height: Provides various levels of challenges
  • Wide bar length: Fits dogs of different sizes

#8. Weave Poles Dog Agility Equipment

This is a perfect backyard practice and training set for a number of reasons. It has a variety of equipment to offer different challenges for overall dog fitness and agility. This equipment includes 1 tire jump, 1 single jump, 1 dog agility tunnel, and 6 weave poles with a pole spacer.

Each of these pieces is lightweight yet durable to provide peerless performance over a long period of time. Plus, this kit is not only made of finest materials but also each obstacle is easy to set for added convenience.


  • Adjustable tire jump: Offers unlimited surface area
  • Furniture-grade PVC: Delivers durable performance outdoors
  • Adjustable bar height: Makes it suitable for beginner dogs

#7. PawHut Dog Agility Training Equipment

Featuring 4 jumps, the PawHut Dog Agility Training Equipment will give your dog more challenging exercises comprising of pivot squares and rows. Well, all these you cannot get with just one or two jumps. As a safety mechanism, this top bar is displaceable to fall off if the dog hits it to prevent him from injuries.

Moreover, the bottom bar is fixed for stability on any surface and it also makes the jump easy to move from one place to another.


  • Sturdy carrying bag: Provides a convenient way to keep all the various parts together
  • Adjustable heights for different dog sizes and abilities
  • 4-bar jumps: Offer multiple challenges

#6.Outward Hound Zip Zoom Dog Agility Starter Kit

Crafted for beginner dogs, this agility starter kit is simple yet versatile to offer a variety of challenges. It is an interactive way to play with your dog because the dog will combine your commands with his natural skills to overcome the obstacles.

This training kit provides healthy exercises which are challenging and will boost your dog’s IQ. Furthermore, it is easy to setup and comes with a storage bag for easy carrying, portability, and storage of the equipment when not in use.


  • Set and training booklets: Will guide you on how to use the equipment
  • 4 weave poles and 1 high jump: Offers a variety of challenges
  • Square tunnel: Fits dogs of different sizes

 #5. Dog Agility Shop, LLC Complete Package

For the best dog exercise training equipment agility jump starter kit, consider this full package from LLC Complete Package. It has a variety of equipment to offer various challenges for beginner and skilled dogs alike. The jumps, for instance, can be put at different levels for small and large dogs. And the hoop is big enough for even bigger dogs to jump through.

This unit is easy to set up and it comes with directions for the same. Additionally, it is fairly priced for all the features and functions.


  • Freestanding weave poles: Are ready for use straight out of the box
  • 3-obstacle package: Perfect for dogs of all sizes
  • UV-resistant poles: Are durable to stand the test of time

#4. PAWISE Pet Dog Agility Exercise Equipment

The dog owner and the dog needs to cooperate with each other and the PAWISE Pet Dog Agility Exercise Equipment provides that kind of platform. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and comes with a convenient bag for storage and portability.

You can set the bar as low or as high as you want to make it favorable for dogs of different skills and abilities. On top of that, this dog exercise equipment has a simple design, making it a perfect choice for beginner dogs.


  • Lightweight design: Makes it easy to carry around and to position
  • A rope and 2 stakes: Will make it easier when putting the equipment in the ground
  • The bars slide up and down for easy adjustment

#3. PAWISE Jump Hoop Agility Equipment

PAWISE is a renowned company, leading manufacturer, and exporter of pet products. Therefore, rest assured this agility equipment is high quality and offers unrivaled dog exercises. Although this set doesn’t have everything, you and your dog will get a jump hoop and hurdle bar.

The agility equipment is so easy to assemble, lightweight, and easy to store or to travel with. Moreover, it is sturdily built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.


  • Carry bag: Improves convenience and easy storage
  • Lightweight design makes it highly portable
  • Simple frame: Enhances easy assembly and disassembly
  • Long spikes: Stay in the ground easily

#2. Affordable Agility 4-set Travel Jump

Made with freestanding bases, this kit is not only easy to set up but also it allows for training indoors and outdoors. It consists of 4 jumps that are adjustable, lightweight, and portable. At the same time, this set comes with a sturdy carrying bag for easy storage of equipment when not in use. It includes a vinyl tape that will help you decorate the jump for an attractive play station.

What’s more, the equipment is made of durable materials for longevity.


  • Adjustable heights: Are suitable for dogs of different abilities
  • 36-inch wide jumps: Can accommodate dogs of various sizes
  • 14lbs total weight: It is lightweight for easy transportation

#1. Affordable Agility Essentials Set

This is one of the only kits that contain 6 weave poles, 1 jump, and 1hoop. Hence, even if you do not intend to compete, it will give you and your dog endless hours of entertainment, exercise, and bonding time. The equipment is so easy to assemble and does not require any extra tools.

Last but not least, it is made of high-quality materials to keep it sturdy and durable enough for outdoor use.


  • Adjustable tire jump: Adjusts as low as ground level for training dogs and even puppies
  • UV-resistant material: Ensures all-weather durability
  • Displaceable bar jump: Prevents your dog from getting injured

Why Do You Need Dog Exercise Training Equipment Agility Jump Starter Kits For Your Pet ?

Dog agility training equipment offers a great form of exercise and bonding time for both of you. In addition to helping your dog keep fit, it will help you exercise as well. Agility kit will equip your dog with various skills that are necessary for survival and competition.

Last but not least, if your dog exercises on a regular basis, they become healthy and free from diseases such as obesity.

How to find the Best Dog Exercise Training Equipment Agility ?

Getting the right dog exercise equipment agility is not easy on a market so crowded. That is why we present to you the following guideline to help you make an informed product choice. Read on.


For the best dog training agility equipment, consider one that is built to last. Look at the material used to make each piece of equipment. For this reason, go for UV resistant furniture grade material because it is durable and will endure several uses.

Skill Level of Your Dog

Dog training agility equipment is designed to suit dogs of different skills. So if you have a beginner dog, you should consider a simple kit with adjustable jumps. However, if your dog is skilled, you can go for more complicated kits with a variety of obstacles.

Easy Assembly

To get the most out of the agility kit you buy, it should be easy to assemble with no extra tools needed. Therefore, look for one with a freestanding base that requires minimal to zero set up procedure.


Exercise is as essential to dogs as it is essential to human beings. And there is no better way to have your dog exercise than to engage him with dog agility training equipment.

This compilation contains a variety of kits with different equipment.

Make sure you go through the above reviews in order to discover your best option.

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